Másfina Collection

Discover the simple elegance of the Másfina® Collection

Organization never looked so luxurious as it does with our new Másfina® Collection. Featuring a true built-in furniture appeal, this line offers top-of-the-line material and a range of options to choose from.

  • The Másfina® Collection comes in four beautiful colours, including white, antique white, Amati and chocolate pear. Our other stock colours are available, however they will require a minimum of 4 weeks to manufacture.
  • The Másfina® Collection’s has many trademark features, however its elegant gables are one of the most notable, giving the finished product an overall look of simple refinement.
  • The baseboard and shoe moulding are also key components in the design of this special collection, and allow customers to achieve a traditional or minimalist look depending on the installation technique used.
  • Lastly, as with many of exclusive collections, the shelving system with this line is highly adaptable, incorporating both fixed and adjustable shelves.

We invite you to discover the simple elegance of the Másfina® Collection today.

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