Closet Storage Tips

Get hooked 
Hooks on the back of the door can be used to store bathrobes, purses, scarves and other accessories. Consider hanging a shoe rack too.

Double up 
You can literally double your storage space by installing another hanging rod for short-hanging items.

Move it up 
High spots are good places for out-of-season items (like ski gear and hiking stuff) or special occasion shoes and accessories.

Sort it out 
Always hang shirts, skirts, blouses and light sweaters. For maximum organization, group similar articles of clothing together, unless you’re a stickler for grouping by colour.

Make it accessible 
Fold t-shirts, jeans and bulky sweaters and stack on shelves. Put no more than ten items in a pile (three to five for bulky sweaters). That way, when you grab a piece of clothing from the bottom, you won’t collapse the pile.

Box it in 
Boxes are also a good place to stash accessories. Roll up ties and pairs of gloves, and keep them on an accessible shelf so you can easily pull the entire box out and view all your options. Put a label on each box (unless you have an incredible memory).

Shelve it 
A 14-inch-wide shelf not only allows clothing to rest comfortably, but it’s also broad enough to hold baskets and bins for accessories and gym gear. Adjustable shelves are ideal — you can change their height and add or remove them as needed when rotating seasonal items, such as sweaters.

Antique White (standard colour) reach-in closet
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