Pantry Storage Tips

Label it 
Mark each shelf with labels that denote the contents of each area of the shelf (i.e. canned goods, baking ingredients, etc.)

Note it 
As you organize, take note of items you may need to buy or replace. Make a shopping list for these items and be sure to leave room for them on the shelves.

Sort it 
Small items like soup mixes and bouillon cubes can be kept together in plastic containers. Non-food items can be stored on the floor or lower shelves (i.e. paper products).

Store it carefully 
Soda bottles and other heavy items can also be stored on the floor or on low shelves.

Hang it 
Consider mounting wall hooks or a pegboard to hang items like kitchen cloths and cleaning equipment.

Basket it up 
Roll-out rattan baskets are an excellent way to keep your fruits and vegetables stored.

Pantry Photo 1
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