About Closet Creators

Closet Designers with Solutions

Closet Designers with Solutions

Closet Creators came about because of the need for a variety of custom storage and closet solutions in the Edmonton area. As a locally owned and operated closet company, our designs can help you organize and maximize your space in almost any area of your home including closets, the pantry, the basement, the garage and so much more.

From the very beginning, we made a commitment to provide exceptional customer service and high quality, custom products at an affordable cost. But, that’s not all that sets us apart from other closet designers. We are also highly conscious of health concerns and environmental stewardship, and offer products that are not only good for you, but also good for the environment.

We help reduce stress and spending

Believe it or not, getting organized helps reduce stress and save money. When your home is organized, you’ll live a more efficient and less stressful lifestyle. Knowing exactly where things are located in your house feels much better than chronically checking for misplaced items. Additionally, organization can help decrease spending by allowing you to clearly see what you already have, so you don’t purchase more of the same.

We are personalized not franchised

Closet Creators is proud to be a stand-alone business, where we can really get to know our clients and provide personalized service. We truly care about our clients’ needs as well as protecting their homes and the world in which we all live.

View the closet solutions in our Photo Gallery to get acquainted with what our closet designers can do for you.
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